When I was growing up in China a drink was never simply just a drink. Drinks were thought of as keys that open many benefits to the body;
drinks are a kind of delicious medicine that may help protect and repair problems caused by things like unhealthy diet.
There are two ingredients, Jujube and Goji Berries, in this drink that are commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine and daily life to aid blood flow and detox the bloodstream and liver. They were also known to relieve abdominal cramping and stomach pain: help sleep as well as boost immunity to disease.
They have been used as the Chinese woman’s magic keys for health and beauty for many generations.


Chrysanthemum tea has long been believed by many Chinese people to tighten skin, smooth wrinkles, reduce acne and stress, refresh dry eyes,
relieve stomach pain, balance digestion, and promote weight loss.
For me, Chrysanthemum flower tea is about love and family.
I came from a big traditional family with four sisters and one brother. As children, we weren’t allowed to drink “real tea” because caffeine might upset our stomachs.
But we could drink Chrysanthemum tea. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s village home drinking flower tea in the light of the full moon,
listening to grandfather quote Buddhist truths… Behind his voice, there was the sound of my great-grandfather’s snoring coming from our rice leaf house.
When playing with my sisters, we put the Chrysanthemum flowers on each other’s faces like a beauty treatment and the first time
I shared Chrysanthemum tea with the first man I had a crush on was in a small tea house called Willow Tree… Today I share Chrysanthemum tea with
my own loving daughters and my wonderful students. I really hope it can bring you the same feelings of warmth,
comfort, and love that it has always bought to me.


Long Life Ginger drink is based on one of the ginger drinks my grandmother made for my great grandfather in a little village in Northeast China,
called “Mountain Mouth”. The vegetables in the drink all came from our own garden. As a child, I helped my grandmother prepare it and often tried it from my great grandfather’s bowl.
My great grandfather lived to be over 98 years old. The people in the village call this drink “Long Life Ginger”.
According to Chinese medical tradition, it has many benefits to the human body.
This drink has brought back many lovely childhood memories. I hope it may help bring you a long and happy life!


Ginger has been used as an ingredient towards a long healthy life since the time of Confucius (551-479 BC) right up to today.
For years, my teenage daughters refused to eat or drink anything with ginger. No matter how many times I told them the long history of the ginger tea with my family,
they are very different from when I was a child. My sisters and I were grateful for anything my parents put on the table, even if we did not like it.
I guess I should be happy they are growing up with abundance of choice. I refused to give up on them and made new Chinese / American Ginger Tea.
They asked: “What is this?” I said: “Rose tea”. They looked at the rose petal inside the glass and tried it. Afterwards I told them this is a ginger tea.
“I like it” they said and then drank it all…
I hope this ginger tea can also bring a smile to your face and the faces of your loved ones and may benefit your body and mind.


When I make these teas, I feel I’m not just making a drink, or a tea, I am using the wonderful gifts nature has provided to us:
vegetables, fruits, tree leaves, flower petals, simple plants, and on and on… combining thousands of years of human health wisdom with my heart’s passion to create music through my teas;
a balanced symphony of taste, refreshment, joy, health, and peace. Enjoy!


My first Christmas was in 1995, the year I moved to the USA from China. Throughout the Holiday season I thought I was living in a fairy tale.
White snow covered everything; there were colorful lights quietly hanging on trees and houses, and seasonal songs were in the air.
It was amazing. When my daughters were born, I loved seeing them jump out of bed and run to see the gifts Santa Claus had left them early Christmas morning.
My daughter asked me to make a tea just for the holidays to share with family and friends.
And with that holiday dream Wise Mouth Cranberry Pumpkin Oolong Tea was born.
I hope you will enjoy it with your family and build unforgettable holiday memories with the Santa hat wearing dragon.
Happy holidays!

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