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Happy Ginger Orange Tea

Infuse your day with this freshly brewed concoction of ginger–used to promote a long, healthy life since the time of Confucius (551-479 BC)–and tasty oranges.


Water, crystallized sugar cane, fresh ginger, fresh orange, fresh lemon, pure honey, dried rose petals.

Chrysanthemum Dragon Rose Tea

Chill out with the calming effects of chrysanthemum, with fresh fruit and rose flowers! Watch the video


Water, crystallized cane sugar, lemon juice, fresh grapes, fresh dragon fruit, dried chrysanthemum flowers, dried rose flowers.

Pumpkin Spice Fermented Oolong Tea

It’s the perfect holiday celebration! Awaken the mind and the senses with delicate oolong tea, pumpkin, fresh ginger and spices.


Water, crystallized brown sugar, pumpkin, fresh ginger, fresh cranberry, pure honey, oolong tea leaves, and pumpkin spices.

Cranberry Jasmine Green Tea

Calming and energizing all at once, green tea and cranberry are true gifts from nature, with amazing health benefits. Watch the video


Water, crystallized brown sugar, fresh cranberries, dried jujube (red dates), dried green jasmine tea leaves, dried goji berries.


Chrysanthemum Romance Tea

Chrysanthemum makes a soothing, great-tasting tea–and it’s long believed to beautify the skin. Enjoy one today with that special someone. Every bottle comes with a real chrysanthemum flower!


Water, crystallized sugar cane, fresh lemon, dried chrysanthemum flower.

Long Life Ginger Pu-Erh Tea

Energize and improve your health all at once! Long Life Ginger Pu-Erh is a great alternative to coffee in the morning or afternoon.


Water, pure honey, fresh old ginger root, natural brown sugar, fresh lemon, black pu-erh tea leaves.

Magic Wise Monk Tea (coming soon)

Zero calories! Sweetened with delicious, calorie-free monk fruit, each batch is carefully brewed for ten days. Enjoy real ingredients and real flavor. Magic Wise Monk Tea is so tasty and so healthy, it’s like magic!


Water, vinegar, dried monk fruit, chrysanthemum flower

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